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Regular Vehicle Servicing

Regular service checks on your pride and joy are a great way to catch potential problems before they evolve into something bigger.

A correctly serviced and tuned engine for instance, will have a longer life and provide better fuel economy. Wheel balance and alignment checks provide the smooth ride most long for. Brake servicing ensures balanced braking and provides you with the confidence needed for safe driving. Testing the shock absorbers and suspension extends the life of all the underbody components.

We provide comprehensive quotes for all repairs and parts to be purchased on behalf of customers before we get to work. This allows you to make an informed decision on spending your hard-earned money.

At ACDC you can expect honest professional quality workmanship, genuine original equipment or quality aftermarket parts if you choose and detailed expert easy to understand advice from our highly trained technicians working in our amazing service facility.

  • Regular vehicle service
  • Wheel alignments and balancing
  • Diagnostic scanning and analysis
  • Dyno tuning for engine efficiency
  • Emission testing for a cleaner world
  • Preventative maintenance

ACDC is a female friendly workshop. We want to ensure everyone is advised in easy-to-understand detail, so you are comfortable to proceed with the service or repair. Should you wish to have someone else to talk to us about your needs, we will most happily assist. Good information is key to an informed decision.

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Customer Story

I’ve just had both my vehicles serviced at ACDC across a 6 month period. I took the first car to ACDC after taking it to a dealer service TWICE after my engine light came on (and stayed on after servicing) only to have the dealer continue to tell me there was nothing wrong with the car.
When I took it ACDC they knew what the problem was straight away and fixed it (and it has stayed fixed 6 months later). I went back to the dealer and spoke to them and they acknowledged ACDC was right, noting the cursory servicing they do (apparently I should have paid more at the dealer if I wanted a full diagnostic). I took the second car in after how impressed I was with the service they provided the first time. The second car was fine, no tricks. These guy may not be the cheapest, but you get your value for money – much more so than a dealer linked service that is churning through the cars.
They are run by a very sweet and genuine father son team who live cars, truely know there stuff and are genuinely passionate about their work and the vehicles they’re servicing. The big difference between this and a dealer service is when you show up you speak to the head mechanic, they follow up on any challenges that may come up and they are flexible to your needs (including contact out of hours, and timing servicing around some impending travel). I tested them by listening to their advice (including on what I’d hear when I went to one of the chain mechanics) and then comparing it. They were spot on every time (and saved me some money in some instances). They are also seem to be genuinely nice guys. This is one of the few positive personal style old school mechanics I have come across and I feel lucky to have found them. Couldn’t recommend enough. Thanks Don and Pete.
Thomas C.

I have had my vehicles serviced by Peter and Don since 2003. They have always provided excellent mechanical service. Their knowledge is up to date and they provide a level of customer care particularly for women which is exemplary. I would always highly recommend them and have done so to female friends.

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