Performance & track day expertise

There’s no better feeling than getting out for a day at the track, and that’s why we want to make sure your car is running at its absolute best.

Performance track prep

Whether it be suspension, steering, brakes, tyres and pretty well anything related to the track; we can assist.

We can setup your car the way you want it for the track. We specifically tailor the preparation to your requirements and have over 52 years of experience in track, rally, speedway and all the different classes and categories, including open wheelers and clubman sports cars.

  • Race Shock absorbers
  • Lowered suspension
  • Fast turn in
  • Under/oversteer set up
  • Wheel camber alignment
  • Suspension tuning
  • Steering

We supply specialist racing parts and gear including HANS devices, suits, helmets, boots and more.

Keeping you on the road & racetrack since 1970

Sports wheel alignment

Having a kerb weight corrected car with optimal wheel alignment settings will ensure your car is balanced and more stable during cornering.

Knowing how the tyre pressures increase during your track time also adds to the amount of grip available to you.

Giving you the driver the confidence to constantly achieve increasingly better lap times, thereby improving your PB at each track.

One should never underestimate the value of a great handling car with a braking system to match.

Rare & genuine parts

At ACDC you can expect honest quality workmanship, genuine OE and quality aftermarket parts, together with detailed expert professional technical advice from highly trained team of dedicated professionals.

The absolute professionalism and decades of experience of our highly trained multi-disciplinary qualified technicians is always available to you our valued clients.

When it comes to parts, we first explore the local environment then scour the world. “If we can’t get it, we will make it, or get it made for you”

Dyno tuning for efficiency

ACDC have a state-of the -art fully optimised AWD Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer.

If you would like to know the actual horsepower and torque of your engine, then have us put it through its paces on our state-of-the-art Dyno.

ACDC’s Dyno is regularly calibrated, totally accurate, absolutely repeatable in any atmospheric conditions and cannot be interfered with when it comes to the results.

Our Mainline Dyno is “NO FUDGE” unlike most others.

Accuracy is important to us.

Honest advice & attention to detail

For over 50 years we have been servicing cars in the Canberra and outlying rural  communities, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship taking care of your safety.

We have many clients travelling from out-of -state to visit our facility and get the attention to detail that they crave.

It’s actually cheaper to do the job properly, rather than wasting your hard-earned money on repeat work that leaves you exasperated and disillusioned.

Just remember, quality remains long after the price to achieve it is long forgotten.

Track Braking

Track braking set up is really personal. We work with customers to identify and build suspension, steering and power then recommend a solution tailored to your needs.

We have extensive experience building brake systems for vehicles and tracks across the country.

Does your vehicle need a service?

Racegear online

RPM Podium Package

Includes RPM Podium suit, NX-R underwear, Indy 3 boots and club gloves. Was $1865, package for only $1520. Contact us for your size.

RPM Track Day Package

RPM Sprint single-layer race-suit, Start gloves and Indy 3 boots. Yours for only $445. Contact us for your size

AlpineStars Stratos Package

Lightweight Nomex outer material finish. With knitted stretch panels on the arms and back, pre-curved arms and legs, and extended shoulders. Tech 1 Start Gloves and boots. Complies with FIA 8856-2000. Now only $995

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z

Alpinestars top of the range motor racing boot utilising premium grade materials. Complies with FIA 8856-2000 standard. Ultra lightweight kangaroo leather upper & perforated zones for exceptional ventilation. Limited sizing - WHT/GRY/RED-7|CYAN-8 $299

Helmet and HANS Packages

Racelid Helmet and HANS packages, multiple helmets to choose from, starting at $980. Contact us with your size and requirements