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At ACDC you can expect honest professional quality workmanship, genuine manufacturer or OE quality aftermarket parts, and detailed expert advice from highly trained technicians in our world class service facility

About ACDC

Surrounded by the most sophisticated diagnostic tools and major test equipment available in Australia and around the world; sits G Peter Battisson and his eldest son Don, owner operators of Automotive Computer Diagnostic Centre (ACDC) Pty Ltd or ACDC.

Peter’s childhood was spent racing and engineering both motorcycles and cars.

His time spent in the Australian Army gaining his automotive credentials, whilst looking after complex vehicles and their systems.

Ignited by his passion for technology, Peter left the army in 1973 inspired to specialise in more sophisticated engineering and diagnostics.

Peter started the business in 1970 whilst in RAEME, a Corp of the Australian Army, from his home garage in the Canberra suburb of Lyons, morphing into the incredible facility he occupies in Mitchell today.

Peter has invested and re-invested to create a one-of-a-kind diagnostic and repair centre to cater for the most difficult of problems that beset the automotive industry.

Industry members that visit the facility are over-awed at the equipment levels and the vastness of the complex covering some 1,750 square metres.

Peter also spent many years teaching Automotive students at the Canberra Institute of Technology, while at the same time running the business, no mean feat considering the enormous hours involved.

Inspiring students to achieve a deeper understanding of the principles and technical requirements to confidently and competently diagnose and repair vehicles of all types.

No one was game to touch diagnostics in the 70’s. The technology wasn’t easily implemented or understood. I’ve always been drawn to racing, rally and technology working hand in hand with my time spent in the Australian Amy working on complex automotive maintenance. ACDC seemed like the way of the future - matching my passion for engineering and performance

“When I started the business in 1970, the car parks of Australia were rife with Holdens and Fords with the occasional Mercedes or BMW. In 2000 a flood of more sophisticated European cars entered the market” According to data from UBS, collated by GoAuto, the number of premium or luxury cars sold has skyrocketed since the year 2000 (growing at some 6.6 per cent per year). In 2000, for example, premium and luxury cars made up 18 per cent of the total market. In 2018, that number was 35 per cent.

Meanwhile the landscape of Australian motoring was changing

Who we are

Peter’s business stepped up to provide the broader skill levels and attention to detail that these import brands required.

ACDC is still the first port of call that the automotive industry in the Canberra region relies on to fix the problems they can’t.

“I can’t help it, I’m a frustrated perfectionist “chuckles Peter.

His son Don nods knowingly – having been on the receiving end of his dad’s automotive training and high standards.

At ACDC we have a very simple philosophy.

“We fix it properly, however, the impossible may take a little longer”

“Done right, done once, your safety our priority”

There is a deep sense of fairness at ACDC

“Doing things properly is the only way, if we don’t do our job correctly, people’s lives are at stake” says Don.

Their job sheets are detailed and transparent – there are no surprises. ACDC are fiercely women-friendly making sure their clients feel they are listened to and understood.

The refined diagnostic tools and decades of experience have made ACDC a beacon for race and rally competitors and casual race drivers looking to get that leading-edge on tracks around Australia.

Peter and Don have set up hundreds of club and track cars in their career.

Does your vehicle need a service?